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The innovation field: Innovative materials & intelligent production

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The innovation field aims to develop new materials that are used in improved and networked processes and thus create the basis for the products in the markets of tomorrow. Supported by comprehensive digitalization in the spirit of Industry 4.0, a competitive and greenhouse gas-neutral industry is to be created that builds on NRW's industrial strengths.

The innovation field “Innovative Materials and Intelligent Production” ...

... addresses the industrial character of North Rhine-Westphalia. Based on NRW's industrial strengths, the thematic area aims to create the most innovative, modern, climate and environmentally friendly industrial location in Europe in order to ensure long-term international competitiveness. The focus is on the development of advanced materials that are used in improved and networked processes and thus form the basis for the products of the future markets. At the same time, improved framework conditions are being targeted through comprehensive digitalization as part of Industry 4.0 in order to make the production landscape of all industrial sectors sustainable for the development of innovative products in NRW.

With regard to the development of innovative materials, NRW offers optimal conditions. As a state rich in raw materials with an efficient raw materials industry along the entire value chain, especially in the chemical industry, NRW forms a broad ecosystem for holistic innovations. In addition, NRW focuses on material fields such as textiles, new (nano) materials for batteries, solar cells, electronics and medical applications in order to develop new materials.

Intelligent production is intended to be the driving force to revolutionize the production landscape. Digitalization creates networked processes, digital manufacturing technologies and intelligent logistics processes, which contribute significantly to the progress of the production industry. The North Rhine-Westphalian mechanical engineering sector plays an important role here in order to support the other industries in this modernization and to ensure competitiveness.

The ultimate goal for NRW in the area of ​​production is to create intelligent production, CO2-saving processes and a resilient and innovative materials industry. These topics are the cornerstones of the project to transform North Rhine-Westphalia into the most innovative, modern, climate- and environmentally friendly industrial location.


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